Kayla Santosuosso is a nonprofit director, organizer, activist, and proud resident of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

She is a native Ohioan, where she attended a public school that held an annual “drive your tractor to school day” and where her family’s restaurant still serves the best Italian food in the Midwest. She holds a degree in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies from NYU, where she received some awards and caused some trouble. She is a strong proponent of universal basic income, regular sleep cycles, and the power of dancing. Right now, she is most likely to be drinking coffee and waving her hands excitedly while talking. Her heroes are Vladimir Nabokov, Nina Simone, Leslie Knope, and her sister Stefanie.

You can write to her at, or follow her on Twitter at @kaymsanto. But she’s really terrible at Twitter so she’d recommend you just stick to this blog.